Flavors of the Month

$9.00 - $30.00 From $9.00 $9.00

Just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner planning, we're now able to offer our November Monthly specials. If you're not sure what to bring, consider a collection of locally made, hand painted truffles for that oh-so-important desert-after-desert portion of the meal.

We begin with our Goat milk Pear piece, a drop of fresh pear jelly is layered over a white chocolate, goat milk caramel, wrapped in a dark chocolate shell. Next to this is our version of an Apple Crumble. We start by slow roasting diced granny smith apples in brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and ginger. This compote is then surrounded in a cinnamon milk chocolate ganache, before being finished with a brown sugar/almond flour crumble, all in a milk chocolate shell.

As always, these pieces are available for a limited time only, to our chocolate of the month subscribers, or while supplies last.